This is an unmissable opportunity to have your work reviewed by our expert judging panel, to get recognition from your peers, benchmark against your competitors, and attract new clients and top talent to your organisation. But don't just take our word for it...

Marc Giles

Aer Lingus, People Development Award and Customer Service Award winner in 2016

Absolutely great networking opportunity and of course we were only in the door for about five minutes before we started bumping in to former colleagues who were networking with other airlines and other companies. It is great to meet people that you haven’t seen in a while and make new connections as well, so (it is) a great opportunity.

Dómhnal Slattery

CEO, Avolon, Outstanding Contribution to the Aviation Industry recipient in 2016

The next twenty years are going to provide such an enormous opportunity for Ireland, for people working in aircraft financing in Ireland, aircraft lessors, lawyers, tax accountants, technical service providers. It is an extraordinary industry, it is global, it is very exciting, and Ireland is the leading force in this sector worldwide. Too often Irish people are afraid to pat themselves on the back. We are really good at what we do in this industry and these Awards are the absolute Oscars, if you like, of the Irish aviation industry once a year.

Simon McNamara

Director General, European Regions Airline Association, 2016 Judge

Everyone likes to celebrate their success and these kinds of Awards give airlines, companies and businesses the opportunity to celebrate that success and show the excellent job that they are doing in advancing our industry.

David Swan

COO, SMBC Aviation Capital, 2016 Sponsor

The Aviation Industry Awards night is a great night because we have our fellow leasing companies, we have our airline customers, all of the different service providers from maintenance to crew services we work with all year round. There are a number of things that Ireland are really good at, aviation is one of them. We are world leaders in aviation and it is important that we have events like this to recognise that contribution to Ireland and the wider economy.

Brig. Gen. Paul Fry

Irish Air Corps, Aviation Innovation Award winner in 2016

I was delighted and the table was delighted. We were euphoric because there has been a lot of work going into this project and it has saved lives. The bottom dollar is that the citizens of Ireland are better off because of this project.

Martin McGonagle

Dublin Airport, Aviation Sustainability & Environment Award winner in 2016

(Winning these awards) endorses everything - all the hard work that you do today. It does motivate people, encourages them to progress even further. We have already posted (our win) on our social media tonight, so we are getting a lot of feedback on our social media. We have had a lot of positive comments.

Patrick Berthier

Airbus Helicopter International Services, Aviation Export Award winner in 2016

My table, all of my team were very happy to receive this award because we all worked a lot to get this award. It shows that the Irish aviation industry recognise Airbus as a major partner in Ireland.

Ivan Sheridan

Dublin Institute of Technology, Aviation Training Award and Aviation Academic Education Award winner in 2016

I was thrilled, absolutely delighted! I’m delighted to represent DIT and all the students that have achieved the awards at DIT. It allows you a time to step back, look at what you are doing and to highlight the good things that you are doing.