Airport Achievement Award


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This award is open to any licensed aerodrome on the island of Ireland (State, Public, Private). Judges will be looking for an airport management committed to infrastructural improvement and enhancement of the passenger experience in the last 18 months. Each entry must submit evidence for the size and nature of the airport. Entry is by a 5 A4 page submission; the judges will be looking for clear information, backed up by evidence, that pays particular attention to the criteria listed below.

Entry is by a 5-page A4 PDF submission; the judges will be looking for a clear plan and evidence that it is delivering on core objectives, paying attention to the criteria listed below.

  • Demonstration of Operational Excellence, Innovation and/or Leadership: Has the airport demonstrated operational excellence, innovation and/or leadership? Is there a specific project which has been successfully implemented? The key criteria here are increasing passenger numbers, technical innovation and supporting airline route expansion.
  • Commitment to customers & Airport Experience: Commitment to customers and delivering the best quality airport experience.
  • Infrastructural Improvement: Infrastructural improvement in facilities including retail, catering, transit facilities, cleanliness, immigration and security processing, leisure, baggage delivery and customer complaints.
  • Management Structures: Evidence of effective management structures.
  • Evidence of Good Working Relationship with Local Authorities: Can you demonstrate a good working relationship with local authorities?
  • Environmental Initiatives: Provide us with details of any specific environmental initiatives e.g. CO2 emission reduction or noise abatement.
  • Safety Management Processes: Outline any Safety Management processes in place and describe any steps taken to improve safety culture.